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Tulsa Home Additions

Victory Remodeling started off doing kitchens and bathrooms, now we are leading in Tulsa home additions. While we are still doing kitchen and bathroom remodels, and we are still doing other interior and exterior remodels. Now we have navigated in to doing more additions to homes.

Tulsa Home Additions have never looked so good. We have brought a team of guys on that is able to keep our standards above and beyond so we can hopefully get you to tell your friends about the work we did. Let's be real no one wants to share bad craftsmanship so why would we give you bad craftsmanship to talk about. While there are a lot of people who can't show it, check out our gallery or schedule an estimate and you'll meet our team and understand we are serious about our attention to detail.

We have done a lot of different things for Tulsa home additions, we have built massive living areas with a kitchen and so on. We have built sunrooms, small patio covers, you name it we have done it. To call and schedule a free estimate for your home addition call us at 918-288-0038 or email us at

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